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Career fact! Changing careers is easier and faster than most people think.

The Ultimate Secret to a Real $75,000/year career: How you can go from any job to a mortgage career you can be proud of.

“Get a Guaranteed method to go from any job to a stable and high-paying mortgage career in less than 7 days”

Dear Friend,

Haven’t we all dreamed of a new career? I know I have. And notice I didn’t say JOB, I said CAREER!!!

  • No weekends
  • No more late nights
  • Paid vacations
  • Prestige

This article will dramatically change your life if

  1. You want to make at least $75,000 per year
  2. You don’t want to work on weekends
  3. You want a career and not just a JOB!

Read every word in the article below because I will reveal exactly how to quickly and easily get a new career earning $75,000 in less than 7 days, but first I need to tell you about…

The Day I Doubled My Income

I was working two jobs, one in mortgage sales and one as a waitress in a chain restaurant. I was busting my butt but I couldn’t make enough money to get ahead. I was working day and night and still getting late notices in the mail for every bill I had…life was awful. Some months I would make enough sales so that life was good and then the next month I was raiding the trash for a decent lead to make my rent.

One day a loan that I had been waiting to close was declined at the last minute, the underwriter had turned my client’s loan down and I would receive no commission that month…on to my waitressing job I went. I went to work dejected and sad wondering how the underwriter could decide both my fate and the fate of my client.

So on that day, I decided I needed to be in control. I needed to be the one making decisions about if I got a paycheck or not.

And, if I could be in control, I would be the one with a steady pay check and I would be the one deciding who gets what loan. At that moment, I dedicated myself to getting a new high paying career and taking control of my financial future.

Earn $5,000 MORE per month

I began to picture all the things I could do with an extra $4000 or $5000 in my pocket every month. No more living paycheck to paycheck-I could quit working two jobs, I could go on vacations -I could actually start enjoying my life!

So, I learned all about mortgages, all about finance and all about banking. I sat down with all the underwriters I knew, listened to every word, and bought every book on the subject I could find. I spent hours upon hours interviewing top mortgage professionals, processors, appraisers and credit experts. And I began using what I had learned to secure me a new career.

I uncovered a huge secret about underwriting. There were loopholes that prevented people from entering the business without specific knowledge-obstacles that were preventing people like me. So I set out to fix those loopholes…

It wasn’t easy, there was a lot of trial and error…even more wasted time trying to “network” and smooze with others who didn’t care one way or another about my career. But eventually, I discovered the best ways to underwrite a file, demonstrate my ability to do so and negotiate a SUPER salary!

And before I knew it, I had gone from waitress to Senior Underwriter. As a result:

  • I worked only one job, with no nights and ABSOLUTELY no weekends
  • I more than doubled my income
  • I secured a job with paid holidays, every bank holiday I was off, and I got 3 weeks of PAID vacation
  • My bank account grew from almost nothing to a large amount in just a few short weeks

I Can Tell You What Works & What Doesn’t…

The best thing that I can tell you is that I made plenty of mistakes that you won’t have to. I’ve done the research, I’ve tested what works and what doesn’t work and I’ve climbed the ladder.

I can teach you all the secrets to getting in the door with a super salary. You will climb the ladder and skips steps in the process. I can tell you how to go from a job to running the entire department!

On that day I got fed up, I figured out a way to go from the bottom of the totem pole right to the top.

Tricks of the Trade

Do you know what banks are looking for on your resume?…I do

Do you know why they don’t want you to have the power?…I do

Do you know why they hire hundreds of thousands of people to sell mortgages to customers (loan officers) but employ nearly 1/3 less to decide who gets the mortgage? …I do

Banks, mortgage brokers and financial institutions are trying to keep you out of the decision making!

They make underwriting the secret-club that only a select-few can ever break into.

How many people have heard of people that had to process or sell loans for years but never were able to break into underwriting…why? Because they keep the information a secret from you!

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How the banks, lenders and mortgage brokers are putting all the money in their pockets

Take a moment to think about a mortgage loan. A person comes in to borrow a few hundred thousand dollars for the home of their dreams. They put down just a little money and make payments for the next 20, 30 or even 40 years! All the while most of their payments are going to interest. It is a fact that nearly 90% of all of their payments will go to interest in the first few years of their loan.

All that interest that the guy pays on their mortgage is all PROFIT for the banks and lenders! The interest is where they make their money…and they don’t want to share.

Does that sound fair?

For example: The bank lends out $100,000 and gets $300,000 or more back from the borrower. Letting the bank keep the whole $200,000 is unfair…why shouldn’t you get a piece of the pie?

Now lets look at this situation closely. In order for the bank to truly get all of that money back they need to lend to a guy that is going to pay back every dime of their loan. A credit report can’t tell them what the future will hold and no computer can tell them either…they need people to do this!

The bank will pay a handsome salary to people with the right skills to decide who will get a mortgage loan and who will not…why not be one of those people.

Banks, lenders, financial institution and brokers want that interest and you want a super salary.

Today’s Underwriters get it all:

  • Great yearly salary’s
  • Paid vacations
  • Paid holidays off
  • Overtime pay
  • Many  get monthly or annuals bonus’
  • And much more….

 How to quickly and easily get the skills you need to be an underwriter

A few times a week I would get a call from a friend or relative or a friend of a friend asking me to show them the way into the mortgage business. I would hold a class or two in my living room, showing them examples of how to review the necessary loan documents. We would go over credit reports, appraisals, titles, income documents and so much more. The requests kept coming and became somewhat overwhelming to me.

Not only did I show people how to underwrite I also gave them proven tips on how to land a high-paying mortgage job!

So each day I would always have a new voicemail, either for new training from me or tips on what to do on a certain file, once they secured their new underwriting gig. I got phone calls, messages, emails, and even Facebook and Twitter requests just to get a moment of my time…I must admit it was flattering but I needed to get all the information together.

There was even a point in time when I wished the phone would stop ringing (but it never did). I was spending a great deal of my day showing people how to get it done. Can you imagine I am a mother of three and had a full-time job of my own in the mortgage business, I could barely find the time to do my own work with all of the requests I was getting.

One night, around 11 pm, my phone began buzzing again. I had just hung up the phone from being on a call with a lady my friend had referred to me for training. I was little exhausted but of course I took the call. I answered the call, it was another referral asking if they could schedule some time with me the next day for a training session, I opened my blackberry and penciled the person in for training during my lunch break. I hung up the phone and my husband looked at me and said “You have got to get this information packaged together and available on the internet.” He then rolled over and went to sleep.

I sat there in amazement wondering, why I hadn’t thought of this idea myself? How great would it be for anyone and everyone to have access to all the information and training they needed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year!

So that is when I made the decision to make it available on the internet…

“Guaranteed Course that will quickly and easily teach you how to Underwrite AND get you hired as an Underwriter in Less than 7 days”

This same course has already helped more than 512 people and counting in the past year!

Thanks to online technology I can deliver to you instantly my course, which includes 6 videos and 6 eBook training manuals. You will get instant access right from the privacy and comfort of your computer. This course will save you the aggravation and hassle of sitting in a class (or someone’s living room) to get this valuable plan.

Take a look at everything you get…


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Commonly asked questions about “The Mortgage Success” System

I could always go on and on about my system, about how it works, about how successful it is, and why it’s a life-changer, but instead I will provide you the answers to the 7 questions I get asked the most. Here they are (click the question for the answer):

1. How can I possibly go from the low-paying job I have now to a high-paying job in a field I know nothing about?

Shanna will teach you all of the knowledge and skills that Underwriters currently have AND MORE. You will go into the field knowing more than people that have been underwriting for 10 and 20 years.If you follow Shanna’s steps, you will get results 100% of the time, guaranteed. You do not need to concern yourself with your past work history, your level of education or your current financial situation. If you follow Shanna’s system, you can have a new career making $75,000 per year or more, in less time than you think and WITHOUT going back to college or spending thousands of dollars.

2. Is there a lot of work involved in completing this system?

No, the system is simple, if you can read and do BASIC math, then you can learn this system. Just watch the 6 videos, each of which is about 15-20 minutes in length and complete ONE workbook, which should take on average 5-10 minutes. That is it! There’s nothing else. Easy peezy lemon squeezy.

3. Does the system work if don’t have a college degree or if you have one in an un-related subject?

Yes! The system works regardless of your educational background, but especially for people that do not have an accounting or finance degree. In fact, when I began underwriting I only had a high school diploma, no degrees or certifications of any type. You do not need a degree to learn or understand any of the techniques required to underwrite or to land an underwriting job.

4. What is your guarantee?

Our guarantee is simple and one of the best parts of the program. You get 2 months to take my training, learn all my secrets and get all of the valuable information you can, and if you are not happy for any reason (or no reason) then you can have all of your money back, no questions asked! And from the 3,210 people who have been through my program, I am confident that you will be extremely happy…so I am willing to put my money where my mouth is. And remember this, once you start making more money you are immediately worth more money in all of your future jobs. In fact, you will probably command higher and higher salaries with more benefits as you gain work experience in the mortgage field.

5. What if I have already underwritten and I just want to make more money?

Great! This program is for you as well. My methods can show you have to be one of the most efficient underwriters out there. I will show you proven techniques for making the correct decision each time. Additionally, I can show you how to negotiate more money. I personally know Underwriters that are paid more than $100,000 per year, and I can make you one of those people too.

6. What if I am already in the mortgage business (Loan officer, Processor, Closer, etc) that wants to ban an underwriter?

Perfect. I have trained people who knew nothing about mortgages and people that have been in the business for years and got them the mortgage job they really wanted AND more money to boot! The great thing about this system it has been tested over and over again and it does not fail. If you follow the steps that Shanna outlines you will get the job and salary you want.People that have mortgage experience can move through the system faster than those without, but either way you will learn and get more money along the way! I’ve even taken people with NO work experience to the next level, so imagine what this can do for you.

As your knowledge increases, you can do different types of loans and complete them with greater efficiency and speed. You climb the ladder or skips steps as you move up the ranks.

7. I hear we are in a recession, are there really lots of mortgage jobs available?

Absolutely! Not only are there lots of mortgage jobs available they are all high-paying and many of them you can work from your own home! The government is constantly pumping money into programs that encourage lenders to loan money from homes. A healthy housing market is the fundamental to our economy so lending money for mortgages is a MUST! Also, people are applying for modifications of their current mortgages in record numbers! Those loans have to be reviewed by underwriters also. Thousand of mortgage underwriters have been hired to review loans that are past due, in default or foreclosure to see if they qualify for a modification. Regardless of the economy or what is going on in politics there will still be a need for good underwriters.

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WHY You Should Start “The Mortgage Success” system now

More than 3,120 people have already successfully used my system over the past 5 years! And I’ve used the feedback from all of those users to refine the program into the current 2012 version, which is even better than ever, including all of the current changes. All YOU have to do is follow the recipe.

In fact, here is a graph of the past salaries of users…

So let’s sweeten the deal for you…

To make this decision an absolute no-brainer for you, and remove any slight amount of doubt you could possibly have. For a limited time, I’ll included 5 additional awesome top-rated products and services as a FREE bonus with this package.

So, if you order today, you will receive these 4 additional free bonuses (valued at 395.95)

Free Bonus #1

An Additional Best Selling/Most-Downloaded eBook on How to Write a Brilliant Resume that you will get you the job you want

Everyone learns different and this system takes that into consideration. So, although I did my best to create a system that works for almost everyone who does it…

I have provided some additional information to get you to the next level. I have used my industry connections to provide you a FREE eBook when you get your copy of “The Mortgage Success System.” This way not only do you get instant access to the best mortgage books ever created…you ALSO get another eBook packed full of information on for FREE!

My only wish is for this system to be the one and only you will ever need. I am confident you can acquire your dreams and I will provide you with all of the resources you will need. Lucky you!

But remember, this is a limited time offer…do not wait…if you do, you will miss out. Quantities are limited, so this offer could be gone at any moment…

Free Bonus #2

This guide comes with  a FREE Mortgage Glossary Book

This is an easy way to complete the short homework assignments and know exactly what all of the mortgage jargon really means. Additionally, you can easily bring both the workbooks and this glossary to work with you on your new job and refer to it for answers to questions you may have. Once you have completed the workbooks they will serve as a point of reference for you in the future, so you will be confident you make the right decisions.

This is absolutely free! And my way of saying thank you for using The Mortgage Success system!

Free Bonus #3

This System comes with my personal 1 on 1 coaching and question answering sessions Free of Charge…

Nowadays, I charge $200 per hour for my lessons, but you won’t pay a single penny!

I fully expect that there may be a few people out there that need a little clarification about one or two of the items in the system…so I am offering you my personal attention…specific, unique and UNINTERUPPTED attention for you and whatever questions you may have. Just email me your unique questions and they will be promptly answered by ME personally.

FREE Bonus #4



This is an exciting opportunity for you to receive a free subscription to Money Magazine. As an added “Thank You,” I will provide you a free subscription to one of the industry’s best magazines on how to manage, invest and save all the money you will be making in your new career. Each month you will receive a brand-new issue in your mailbox!

Money Magazine is the nation’s leading personal finance magazine and my favorite magazine to help decide how to invest and make money. Their mission is to help readers make better financial decisions in every aspect of your money and life and they are very good at what they do. This magazine is both amazing and valuable… But you have to act fast! Again, quantities are limited and only the lucky people who order today will receive this SUPER value for absolutely no money.


Let me start by saying I’m Sorry and Thank You. I’m sorry for ever doubting you. I’m sorry for being skeptical… but Thank you! Thank you for changing my life. Thank you for teaching me how to go from job to career. Thank you for believing in me. Your instruction was both educational and motivational. It’s almost like you knew me and knew what I wanted and wanted to help me more than I wanted to help myself. Now I can’t believe I ever doubted you.

I took the information you gave me and just ran with it. It wasn’t hard but it wasn’t easy either. I had to put in a little effort but that was all it took.

My life is brand new because of you. I have a new career, I make the money you said I would, I drive a new car and bought a new house…and the best part is I’m in demand. I don’t have to worry about losing my job. In fact, my boss is afraid I am going to quit and go work for a competitor HAHAHAHA!!!

Liza W.
Riverside, CA

Everything you taught me was instantly worth the money. I got a contract job underwriting mortgage loans and was a super star on Day 1. I knew how to calculate income, review appraisals, and request documentation that made my loans better than all of the other Underwriters. It was incredible. You were so right, I make more money than I have ever made and have time to enjoy it.

Joyce C.
Manchester, CT


I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. There was a time in y life when I thought I would always be living from paycheck to paycheck and I was totally miserable.

I tried taking classes at community college and I even called one of those goofy commercials to get a career in 18 months…all of which were a waste of time and money!

The information you gave me helped me to understand everything. To this day I do not think anything or anyone could have taught me this business so quickly and clearly. I am one of the best underwriters at my job…even better than people that were doing it before me.

I owe it all to you


Sandra S
Ocala, FL

Hey Shanna,

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU!! You totally rock.

For months I had been stuck as a loan officer-some months I made money and some months I barely had money. Everyone kept telling me I couldn’t go from loan officer to Underwriter….boy were they wrong. You taught me how to look at a loan LIKE AN UNDERWRITER and not like a sales guy. Now, not only am I an Underwriter I’m a SENIOR Underwriter.

I’ve got to hand it to you…you really know your stuff and you really know how to teach.

Again girl, thanks for everything.

William H.
Tempe, AZ

What’s so great about The Mortgage Success System is all of the secret information. There was so much I thought I knew that I just didn’t know-absolutely amazing.

Rakesh P.

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Why should you listen to me?

What do I know that other so-called experts don’t know? What would qualify me to teach you how to successfully acquire a new mortgage career and earn more money? Here are just a FEW of the reason:

  • I have gone from working two jobs (barely making ends meet) to become a Vice President at one of the largest financial institutions in the world
  • I have successfully worked in the mortgage industry for over 10 years at every level and still do
  • I have studied and researched (specifically) every aspect of mortgage lending, underwriting every type of mortgage loan there is…from Conventional, to Sub-prime to government… and everything in-between
  • I have helped thousands of people (literally thousands) go from unemployed or under-employed to earning more than $75,000 per year.

Still not convinced…here is a guaranteed way to see what I have to offer at no risk to you…

My guarantee is simple. I want you to purchase the course right now completely at my risk. Please watch all of the videos, complete all of the workbooks, read all of the eBooks and review everything else you get. I want you to apply the information I give you. If you are not happy for any reason (or absolutely no reason) just tell me what part of the program you felt did not completely teach you what you wanted to know and I will promptly refund all of your money…every penny, hassle-free. Simple as that.

Basically, either you love my system or you get your money back.

No fine print, no tricks, no games-I’m just confident that this is best system out there and I’m willing to put the money up to prove it.

Think about it…if my information wasn’t the best, would I really make this offer?

You have nothing to lose and $75,000 a year to gain!


  Shanna Randall

Just imagine your life with a new mortgage career…

  • More money
  • A prestigious career
  • Less stress
  • More free time…no more late nights and weekends
  • Paid vacations and holidays
  • Better life
  • Confidence

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